OK, Some Questions...

  • From: "Mac Norins" <macatack5@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 22:30:22 -0800

Hello Listers!

I was asked to come up with some good questions, so I will try to be useful, 

1.  RSS feeds are anathema to me; why?  because I cannot determine how to 
get an aggregator, that will not do something to my computer system--The 
free RSS Reader seems to need the Windows system to incorporate the Dot Net 
thingy; I have been told by  the sighted tech, that I work with on these 
things, that I probably "Don't want to go there!"

2. Jonathan has an audio explanation, on his website, wherein he gives a 
pretty good explanation of what RSS is, but, he then tells the listener that 
he uses the News Gator aggregator, with the Outlook E mail system, not 
Outlook Express.  So, I am not familiar with Outlook; does that mean I 
should stop what I am doing, learn Outlook and get the News Gator, or, as I 
was advised by Woody Ana Dresner, use Bloglines and "fuh git aboutit!"

3.  Tell me which podcasts will lead me to doing my own, in teaching the 
where's and why for's of microphones, editing, where to "turn in your work" 
and how?

There, that's 3, for starters-- if they aren't good enough, then enlighten 
me as to what passes for good, on this enlightened list, OK?

Oh, I know-- Chris K., what in the hell is Bugzilla-- Nano Godzilla or what?

Also, 4.How does one capture a URL, in RSS?



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