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Hey, email me off list and I can help.


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This is Larry Gassman.
This may seem like a very simplistic question for many of you, but I am just beginning to learn. So bare with me.
A few months ago, I got a 5 pot Radio Shack Sound Mixer for the various events we do for the OTR Symposiums at Talking Communities.
I now have my sound going through the mixer, at least my mic plus a cassette recorder can how be heard if I want to say or play something.
But I don't have the actual computer feed going through yet. Can you help?
I need for any feed to b heard by using settings and the mixer. I also will need to have JAWS heard from time to time.
I know it is probably a setting problem.
I also need to do some file editing and also need to get it in to sound forge to do that.
Can Sound Forge be used as a sound recorder as well as editor?

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