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The website is at
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where are the urls' for these scri0pts and the home page and download site?
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> Subject: Juice Receiver version 2.2 Scripts
> I have developed some scripts to help out with a few areas of the Juice
> program.  Mainly the scheduler.
> When you first bring up the scheduler, up you might have to tab around but
> you should find a check box to enable the scheduler.  If you have the
> scheduler enabled and you tab, you should find the first of two radio
> buttons, the one for at specific times.
> You should be able to up and down arrow between the two radio buttons.
> The second radio button is for at regular intervals.
> If you are on radio button one, you should be able to tab and find a set
> three checkboxes each when checked provide an edit field to enter a
> time.
> Or if you pick the second radio button for regular intervals, you should
> able to tab to a combo box and pick a selection.
> So up and down arrow to choose a radio button, then tab.
> The other thing the scripts do is allow you to regain focus in the juice
> window after minimizing the program.  If you bring up juice and you don't
> have focus, press control shift L.  This should place your focus in the
> listview and allow you to arrow up and down.
> You will find the following links on the JFWLite Programs Page:
> Juice Receiver Version 2.2 Home Page
> Juice Receiver Version 2.2 Download
> Juice Receiver Version 2.2 Scripts Download PodCatching client.
> Any problems you find with the scripts, please write me at
> debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and let me know.
> Debbie
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