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Thanks Rusty for this valuable info.  My directory structure is not at all 
deep.  In fact, I
doubt that I will put any sublayers.

Incidentally, I initially directed this question privately to Shane Jackson.  I 
sent it twice to
his Jack728@xxxxxxxxxxx address; however, it bounced twice.  So hope Shane 
isn't having email

Don Roberts

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Hi donald,
You asked for a "reliable" way to switch from folder to folder. That all
depends on how you define "reliable" as I'd tell my students. :-)
Here's how to do it. It's difficult for us blind folks as you'll see.

Tap once, in on the joystick. You are in a mode similar to windows explorer
treeview. You will be in the folder containing the song you are playing.
Asuming that your buttons are at the top of your iriver--not on the right as
has been described by some--click left with your joystick. You will be out
of that directory and up a level. Go down or up the number of times you wish
to get to a particular folder. Go right, tap in, and press play.

Now, why I question the word "reliable." Depending on how deep your
directory structure is, it can be difficult to get from place to place.
Also, you've got to remember what order your directories are in. I've been
able to do it successfully, and, by trial and error, get to where I want to

Don't hold down on the joystick too long, otherwise you'll be in the control
menues, and don't press the record button after having tapped in on the joy
stick. This activates the delete function.

Good luck!


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When playing files with the 799, is there any reliable way to quickly get
from one folder into another?  I am not talking about the folders labeled
"voice" and "record."

Suppose, for example, you have created a folder for jazz, another for
country, and another for easy listening.  Is there a  quick and reliable way
to move from one folder to another.  I note that the Iriver sorts mp3 files

Thanks for ideas.

Don Roberts

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