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Ah, Jeff, that is so great.  I missed your show on Friday and wanted to hear

By the way, your Thanksgiving show was just the absolute coolest.  Thanks
for sharing your grief and celebration of your mama with us.  

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Hello Everyone,

Slau and the rest of the Podsafe artists have created a absolutely brilliant
song entitled If Every Day were Christmas.  The song is normally only
available as a download from the Podsafe Music Network.  As many of you are
aware, there are some major accessibility issues which prevent us from
downloading content from that site.  So, I have negotiated with Slau to
provide a link from the main page of my blog for you to download the song.
You must fill out a form notifying him of who has downloaded the song.  This
is vitally important as this information must be sent back to the Podsafe
Music Network.

So, if you want this beautiful song and man is it awesome, then go get it

Look for the blog posting entitled:

If Every Day were Christmas Download Available

and fill out the form to download the song.

Internet radio broadcasters and podcasters, you are allowed to play the song
on your shows/podcasts.  If you do though, make sure to email them at:


To notify them that you have played the song on your show/podcast.  This is

Marlaina will be having her show on this weekend on ACB Radio's Main Stream
channel and she will be interviewing Slau during the first hour.  This will
be one you don't want to miss!!!  Her show starts at 5:00PM Pacific, 8:00
Eastern this Sunday.  Head over to:

And click on the Mainstream link.

Jeff Bishop

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