Re: E-Mail Disaster

  • From: "Sabrena and/or Chris" <sabrenar00@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 01:12:38 -0800

    Bloody confusticated devices! Luckily I hadn't sent you an e-mail so no 
worries, although I'm horrid at personal correspondence in the first place. 
Funny how I can talk on a list and not one-on-one in e-mail. As for spam 
filters, I recall when I lived in northern California I was with a local ISP 
and they were testing or otherwise implementing their own spam filter. I 
noticed that some of the mail I expected to get on a regular basis just 
didn't reach me. I called them and sure enough, they had turned on a spam 
filter. I asked them to turn the thing off and release the e-mails that were 
caught in there, so I believe I got all the mail I'd lost.


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Subject: E-Mail Disaster

Well, I am writting to all of my close and personal friends to tell them
that I have lost about 5 days of e-mail. For most people this would not
be a big deal, but for a guy like me who communicates primarily through
e-mail it's a catastrophe. If you have sent me anything in the last week
and it was important... PLEASE SEND AGAIN! If you sent something to me a
year ago and haven't gotten a reply, that's just me being inconsiderate.

For whatever reason beyond my understanding, a program that filters spam
decided on a whim that EVERYTHING was spam and sent it all directly to
the dust-bin. I guess this is something I should keep in mind when
dealing with computers. Sometimes they have minds of their own and if
they are not properly paid attention too, they will blow up in your face.

Anyway, nice talking to you all, and I expect to see an overstuffed
e-mail box in the next few days.


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