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My thoughts are that if someone wants to debate, we should have to agree with them. Or at least, those are the thoughts of the list member the I slandered. My idea of a debate is an argument about a topic. It isn't an argument if I agree with you And, I don't like the idea of the blacks saying they could now be someone as they were people before. If we entertained the idea that people can be valued when someone representing them becomes president, then I guess us blind individuals aren't allowed to be anyone because we haven't had a blind man become president. The same could be said about the def, the disabled, the poor, the libertarians, etc. I just want to know how I slandered anyone. I stated that some points that were made were accurate, but when I challenged others, I guess I am ignorant and I am a redneck.

Nimer J

Nimer M. Jaber

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Jim Lu. wrote:
I find it very interesting that people came over to this list to debate things and then when one starts debating them with them they get all hot and bothered. They accuse you of slander and then leave the list. I wonder if somebody could help me out here. Isn't a debate when 2 or more people get together to talk about pros and cons of one thing or another and try to make their point understood? Isn't a debate when you try to make your views on a topic clear and the reasons you have these views? So, this leads me to this question. If I use situations or people from the past to prove the point that I'm trying to make, does this mean I'm slandering these people? It seems to me, that the person making these accusations should in effect look at exactly what he was doing. For example, the subject line red necks. OK, we all joke about people being red necks and sometimes there are people who fit the stereotype. However, to call people red necks because they have different views than you do, now to me this is slander. How about the word ignorant. Generally this means that a person is not knowledgeable about a particular subject. So because somebody is ignorant on a subject, does this mean that they don't know much about it or does it mean they are stupid. Well, it means that on that particular subject they don't know a lot about it. So this leads me to think that because people didn't vote for the winning party in this situation this makes them ignorant? Oh no, not so at all. When this statement was said it ment that we didn't agree with what he said, there for we were ignorant and our opinions were uneducated. I can only hope that not everybody who voted for Obama is like the person I am talking about in this post. If they are, then I'm afraid for our country. You know, another thing that's bothering me, even this morning yet is that on the 4th we elected a new president to lead us for the next 4 years at least. What's making me sad is that even though I didn't vote for him I'm ready to stand behind him and support him, but the only thing I'm really hearing is how historical it is because we elected a black president. I'm hearing about how it's going to give the blacks in the US the motivation to move forward because now they can be somebody. You know the fact is they could have been somebody before if they'd have wanted to. And look, there are some who have. I don't want to know these thins, they are facts and don't need to be covered. What I want to know is now that he's my president, what is he going to do. How's he going to bring on all these changes he promised and is it really going to work. What do I as a citizen have to do to help make these things happen. I'm not learning any of this because the media isn't telling us. They don't want us to know because it don't make an interesting news story. Any thoughts on this?
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