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This article talks about Obama, but a similar article couldhave written
about Bush.
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*A tyrant came to power. His goal is the destruction of the Republic,
and an end to freedom*
*The Iron Curtain Descends upon America, and gets Ripped to Shreds*

/By/ /George Potts Thompson/ Tuesday, August 11, 2009
It had to happen at some point in our history. A tyrant came to power.
His goal is the destruction of the Republic, and an end to freedom. His
banker handlers stole our wealth and many _Americans_ are _unemployed_
and losing their homes.
Iraq and Afghan war vets are sleeping in _campgrounds_ since their
unemployment has run out and even MacDonalds and Walmart arent hiring
He took over the auto companies and now wants to nationalize
healthcare. This WILL eliminate private _health insurance_. I have
_family members_ who work for Bluecross who have told me if this Bill
passes that their careers are likely gone.
But something unexpected happened to the Annointed One, _Barack Hussein
Obama_, on his way to becoming Americas First Caliph. Something he
never expected. He WAS on a roll and never thought his runaway train to
a Marxist America would ever be slowed.
He was arrogant and has a hubris, which Ive never seen in a polititian.
He went on TV every day, in love with the sound of his own voice,
thinking he was still on a campaign. His malignant narcissism has no
boundaries so he continued to push even more radical policies on the
American people.
So he over-reached and never considered hed ever have any opposition.
This overreach is a titanic mistake, and one which may halt his agenda
once and for all.
He tried to take away the health insurance choices of older Americans
and deny them coverage under the guise of Reform, and he attempted to
rush it through without the Bill even being read. He turned a
demographic which used to be his reliable constituents, into his
disloyal, furious, opposition.
As a young woman just said to Arlen Specter: This is about the
systematic dismantling of this country.... and YOU have awakened a
Sleeping Giant. As FNCs Megyn Kelly observed, the topic of _healthcare_
usually makes peoples eyes glaze over. No longer. Many of us wondered
what the tripwire would be.
It wasnt Cap & Trade, Taxes, or Gun Control. It was Healthcare. Obama
couldnt ram the Bill through the Senate..... and now Americans have read
it. And they are absolutely incensed. The polititians underestimated
the concern, and intelligence of the American people, and the issue has
blown up in their faces.
The Bill was crafted with the influence of Obamas Healthcare Czar Dr.
Emanuel Ezekiel MD, the brother of Rham Obamas _Chief of Staff_. This
guy is quite frankly frightening in his view of humanity. You are only
worthy of care if you are Contributing to the Communitarian. After youve
outlived your usefulness to the state.... go away and die. Ezekiel
Emmanuel and Joseph Mengele would have got on famously. For they both
apparently share a common view of mankind.
People only exist as a Resource to be used on behalf of The State. When
the resource is used up, it is discarded. Sarah Palin was correct in
her assessment of this monstrous Legislation. Its EVIL.
The Bill is not just bad law it is something the NAZIs might have
thought up. The very young, the disabled, and anyone over 50 will have
care rationed or withheld altogether. They will force this upon all
Americans with The Exception of the Political Class.
THEY will have the _Gold Plated_ healthcare plan like the Commisars and
Apparatchiks had in Soviet Russia. And WE wont even have the option of
paying for our own care with our own money, for that will be illegal.
I frankly never thought ANYTHING would get Americans off their couches
and begin to fight back. But they got up, got mad, and ARE willing to
fight back against tyranny. Obamas union thugs and minions were sent out
to beat up a Black Conservative in St. Louis, and threaten a man with a
disabled son with DEATH in Michigan, who dared take exception to this
nightmare Bill at a Town Hall.
The man with the disabled son told Megyn Kelly of FoxNews yesterday:
They delivered their message. He then said that they should take care as
he will use any force necessary, including LETHAL, to protect his wife
and child. SEIU? You think youre tough by anonymously hanging a death
threat on the mans door.?
Meet your WORST nightmare: A free American Citizen, ABSOLUTELY willing
to face prison if necessary to defend his wife, his child, and his
They brought down the Iron Curtain; are using Alinskys Rules for
Radicals as a playbook, and employing Chicago THUG tactics as the
stick. It isnt working. Its UNAMERICAN, and we see that.
Americans now recognize this for what it is, TYRANNY, and they are as
mad as a nest of wet hornets. They dont want any part of this Communist
Bill and its hideous implications for every free American. Obama wants
us to Shut Up. How dare that pompous, arrogant ##### tell a free people
to shut up.
We wont This isnt Indonesia or Kenya. and Obama is NOT king. We are not
going away. You cant shove your Statist BS on us any longer. Okay, it
wasnt taxes or _gun control_ that got everyone jumpin ugly. Fine. Ill
take my people waking up for ANY reason as a good thing..
The Sleeping Giant has awoken. The DC Elites pushed too far too fast and
it had the exact opposite effect. Their attempt to take _total control_
has now met resistance. You in the political Class should be forwarned
and wary. You were sent by us to Washington to serve us, and you have
now stupidly got that backwards to where you believe we exist to SERVE
How did you ego maniacs in DC get so full of yourselves? Get a clue,
the days of you running roughshod over us, and stealing us blind have
ended. You in Washington are just too arrogant and foolish to realize
that. We are not your serfs, nor are we willing to be your ATM Machine
to fund our own enslavement.
Not your Union Thugs, nor your Federal Agencies, nor even your military
can force tyranny on the American People. Weve had enough.
The Giant that is the American Peoples Fighting Spirit will NEVER live
under your Marxist boot....EVER. ACORN, Alinsky and SEIU are no match
for the Spirit of Capt. Parker and the boys who stood their ground at
Concord Bridge and Lexington Green against another tyranny on April
19th, 1775.
That Spirit is alive again, and it is an absolute joy and inspiration to
again behold it.

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