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First, my comments on this article, and then the article and video.
First, if you believed that your family were threatened, and were pretty
sure who the suspect was, why would you not do whatever it takes to find
out and to apprehend the individual threatening your family and other
families? If you believed that an individual might know the whereabouts
of an individual threatening or committing acts of aggression against
your family or friends, would you not do anything to get that
information from an individual? Or, if you believed an individual had
knowledge of an impending attack, would you not want to stop it? To what
lengths would you go to stop such an attack?

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Dear ACLU Supporter,
The Bush torture memos were never intended to see the light of day --
much less to be spoken out loud.

That's what makes the ACLU's Tortured Logic video so powerful. We
asked a number of prominent artists and citizens including award-
winning filmmaker Oliver Stone and 9/11 family member Patricia Perry
to give voice to these chilling descriptions of torture techniques
the twisted justifications that were used to authorize them.

Right now, Attorney General Eric Holder is deciding if he will
an independent prosecutor to investigate the Bush torture program.
Make sure Attorney General Holder hears the call for a thorough
criminal investigation by sending him this powerful video.

Forward the Tortured Logic video to Attorney General Eric Holder now,
and ask him to appoint an independent prosecutor.

With your help, ACLU lawyers brought these memos to light. Now,
working together, you and the ACLU can see that those who authorized
the Bush torture program are held accountable. That effort is at a
critical juncture right now -- and your participation can help make
the difference.

If Attorney General Holder sets in motion a thorough investigation,
will reaffirm that, in America, no one is above the law.

But, if he does nothing, or if he limits the scope of the
investigations to exclude high-level officials, it will further
tarnish America's credibility as a nation that respects the rule of
law and human rights.

Tens of thousands of ACLU supporters have already demanded this
crucial investigation -- but Attorney General Holder has yet to act.
We must keep the pressure on.

Ask the Attorney General to see for himself -- forward the Tortured
Logic video to Eric Holder.

When the Justice Department is deluged with copies of this powerful
video, it will serve as compelling evidence of the American people's
resolve to investigate and prosecute acts that showed a blatant
disregard for human rights and the rule of law.

The justification to authorize the Bush torture program was endorsed
by officials at the highest levels. We can't let them just walk away.
The only way to make sure this does not happen again is to conduct a
thorough criminal investigation.

You can help tip the balance by sharing this video with Eric Holder
he makes his decision.

Please send this just-released video today.

Thank you for taking action at this crucial moment.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director, ACLU

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