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I got this from the Fred's Head Companion newsletter, and I like it.

Tips for the First Date
Posted: 19 Nov 2008 08:27 AM CST
The first date for a couple is what will set the stage for things to come. It is where the first impressions are established. It can also be the time where things can get really messed up, insuring that another date with this person will never
happen again. Here are some pointers for what not to do on a first date:
1. Don't be late. Although this is not a sure nail in the coffin for future dates with the person, you need to take care and give the other person the respect they deserve.
Some people absolutely cannot stand it when the other is late.
2. Don't mention marriage on the first date at all. As a matter fact, don't mention it on the second or third either. Be very careful how you introduce the subject of
marriage as the relationship begins to grow.
3. Don't check your email if you bring your first date to your apartment. That's just poor taste. Don't talk on your cell phone either. You should be paying attention to your date. Remember that there is a reason someone invented voice mail. Use it
to your advantage.
4. Don't lie and make yourself out to be someone you're not. It will catch up to you
in the end.
5. Knock it off with the 20 questions routine. Don't ask a lot of questions. That's
6. Don't talk about yourself all the time, your date will not be impressed. In fact, if you like to talk about yourself all the time the other will quickly lose interest. 7. If you are a guy taking a lady out on a first date, don't talk to all your female friends that you run into and ignore your date. The same holds true for the ladies. 8. Don't talk about your past relationships. You can rest assured the other is not interested. 9. Don't talk about past relationships that didn't work. You would be surprised how
many others really do not care.
10. If your apartment is a mess, don't take your date over there.
11. Don't forget to flatter and compliment your date. She put in a lot of effort to look
wonderful on your date, so it's good for her to hear that she is beautiful.
You can probably think of many more things that you shouldn't do on the first date. The important thing is to be the best possible gentleman or lady you can be. It is
that first impression that can make or break a relationship.

Nimer J


Nimer M. Jaber

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