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got this off another email list thought some mayt be interested to hear.

Hello all,
I'm sorry this is off topic, but it might really interest many of us.
Yesterday I tried a GPS receiver called Kapten. It is not made
specifically for blind people, but for pedestrians in general. And
most important of all, the thing, which is smaller than an iPod nano,
does not have a screen at all. It can be controlled with five buttons,
voice recognition and text to speech. It is actually designed for
pedestrians, which means that it is precise when walking. Besides
being a GPS receiver, it has a compass that helps the navigation to be
even more precise. It has a 4gB storage capacity, can also be used as
an MP3 player, FM radio and voice recorder. It also has bluetooth,
which allows you to use it to receive and make calls through your
cellphone. I wonder if it would work with an iPhone...? Unlike other
GPS alternatives specially designed for the blind, the Kapten costs
170 euros here in Spain. It is made by the french company Kapsys, and
you might want to have a look at it. I tried it yesterday and it
simply works, and works well. I'm getting mine next week. As it
doesn't have a screen it is 100% accessible, and definitely worth its
price. And by the way, it is compatible with Mac OS 10 for getting new
maps, storing music or anything you need to do.
Again, sorry for the off topic message but hopefully it will be of use
for some of you...

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