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HumanWare is pleased to announce the release of KeySoft 8.0.

The HumanWare web page
_upgrade  provides details on the release and links to the required
download files.

Please read all instructions carefully before downloading and installing
the new software.  Do not attempt to upgrade to KeySoft 8.0 before
installing the KeySoft 8.0 Product key that matches the serial number of
your BrailleNote mPower or BrailleNote PK.

If you have trouble obtaining the 8.0 product key, and you consider you
are eligible to have access to KeySoft 8.0, please email
sma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, stating the serial number of your unit.

KeySoft 8.0 requires one count of a Software Maintenance Agreement

New BrailleNote mPower and PK units purchased after 1 January 2009 are
eligible to receive a free upgrade to KeySoft 8.0.

We hope you enjoy KeySoft 8.0.

The following is an extract from the KeySoft 8 web page.

Version 8.0 is packed with a wide range of features to enhance the way
you work and learn. This document includes useful information about the

KeyChat (mPower and PK)

KeyChat allows you to communicate through Google Talk, iChat and other
XMPP chatting services.

With KeyChat you can:

* Read and write messages in your preferred grade of Braille

* Send, receive and manage conversations

* Follow chat history with familiar KeySoft commands

* Receive Audio or Braille prompts when a message arrives

* Add new friends or select from existing IM contacts

* Set up IM services options Book Library Access (mPower and PK)

To obtain Audible books, you have to be a member of the Audible service
and use the Audible manager PC software to authorize your BrailleNote to
play the protected Audible books. For information, please visit:

Fully integrated into KeyBook, you can listen to Audible books and
customize various settings such as narration speed and audio tone. When
reading Audible books, a user can:

* Navigate by heading or time jump

* List headings

* Use place markers

* Insert or view a Text note

* Obtain book information (book title, the number of pages, total time)

* Obtain details about the current position (section heading, page)

Bookshare Access (mPower and PK)

The existing support for unpacking electronic books from
is enhanced to include the new .zip or bks2 format adopted by Bookshare.

If books are downloaded with the default .zip extension, it is necessary
to change the BookReader filter to all files. Alternatively, use the
KeySoft File Manager to unpack the books as they will not appear when
browsing via the Book Reader application.

NIMAS book support (mPower and PK)

NIMAS books are text files and they are structured like DAISY books.
Move through DAISY elements, or use the familiar KeySoft sentence and
paragraph navigation commands in text DAISY books if you prefer.  NIMAS
(National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) is the format
used for educational text books in the United States. For more
information, please visit:

Trial Sendero GPS Version 6 (mPower and PK)

KeySoft version 8.0 offers a great opportunity to get familiar with GPS.
The version includes the latest Sendero GPS version 6.0. Users can
browse their preferred map and navigate outdoors during a 90 days free
trial.  After this trial period, users can continue enjoying their
system at a preferential price. Users are required to download the
desired maps from the Sendero site. For real time navigation, you will
need a GPS receiver.

mPower platforms: Users downloading version 8.0 will have Sendero V 6.0
installed by default. From the Main menu, go to the "Navigation" option.
You will be prompted to press T to run the trial version or register
your copy of Sendero GPS (R).  After pressing T, information will be
provided on how to get the Sendero application up and running.

Note that if you were already running a Sendero GPS under KeySoft 7.5,
the first time you run the GPS after installing KeySoft 8, the GPS
program will automatically detect your version. You will hear the
message: "An older version of GPS has been detected".  Please reset
while holding down J K L (QT models) or dots 4 5 6 (BT models).  After
resetting, an additional reset will be required. Afterwards, upon
resetting a second time, you will be able to use your GPS version
without issue.

PK platforms: PK users will find the navigation option in the Main menu,
however, they will need to copy the GPS_6_0.exe file onto the CF Card.
Users will find the GPS_6_0.exe file on our BrailleNote download page.

PK GPS Installation procedure:

1. Install KeySoft 8.0

2. Copy GPS_6_0.exe to the root of /, or /windows, or /flash disk, or
/Compact Flash.

3. Then type N for Navigation option from the main menu.

For more information, please refer to the KeySoft 8.0 FAQ document on
our Web site.

Some components of Sendero GPS are now included within the KeySoft suite
and cannot be removed or uninstalled by the user.  The "Navigation"
option will remain in the KeySoft Main Menu after the expiration of the
Sendero GPS trial period.

More Hewlett Packard printer models supported (mPower only)

Students and teachers can now select from a wide range of Hewlett
Packard printers. Printers supported via the KeySoft generic printing
engine must have a USB port and be part of the list given in the KeySoft
8.0 FAQ's.

To print through the generic driver select "hp generic USB printer" from
the "printer type" list in KeyWord print menu.

To save a JPEG file select "Generic JPEG printer" from the printer type
list, then select a folder destination.

WiFi now supports the WPA PSK encryption (mPower)

KeySoft 8 supports WPA PSK (Pre Shared Key) when using a wireless G card
such as the Ambicom 54G.

Two options are available when creating a connection configuration. When
prompted "Use WPAPSK?", if one is using either the Ambicom WL54G or the
US Robotics Wireless MAXg USB Adapter USR5421, and the wireless signal
is encrypted using WPA personal, set this option to yes and press enter.

The next option prompts the user for the WPA Pre Shared Key.  This is a
passphrase that is between 8 and 64 characters and must match the
passphrase that was originally entered in the wireless router. It is
important to note that the passphrase is case sensitive.

Once this information has been entered, exit the connection
configuration list with a space with E, or escape key on a QT and type a
Y to save changes.  Connect to the internet as you would normally and
the mPower will successfully connect to a wireless G signal that is
encrypted using WPA.

Other enhancements and changes:

* Eloquence speech is now supported in the PK.

* Eloquence speech in Spanish has been added to both the mPower and the

* In KeyBook, the text-to speech used is Eloquence even if Keynote Gold
is selected as the main TTS. After exiting KeyBook, the TTS will return
to the user selected setting.

* In order to synchronize KeySoft Planner and Address list with Outlook
on a PC and version KeySoft 8, it is necessary to install KeySync 4, an
updated version of KeySync. Download KeySyncSetup.exe from our KeySoft
8.0 web page and install on your PC according to the built-in
installation procedures.

* On BT models, the ink print inclusion command Backspace with Enter
with C in KeyWord has been changed to Backspace with Enter with J.
Backspace with Enter with C is now the global command to access the
KeyChat menu.

* On QT models, Function with C has changed from Unicode macro to the
global key to access KeyChat menu.The command for Unicode macro is now
Shift with Function with C.

* In Daisy books the "Where am I" information (Space with 1-5-6 or Read
with Q) now gives a list of information. Previously the information
would all be spoken at once.

* The Virtual Memory (VM) is now monitored. When the virtual memory
falls below 3%, the user receives a warning message. 3% free is 1MB of
the 32MB total available. Best practices for usage with low VM:

1. Eloquence uses substantially more VM than KeyNote Gold. If something
cannot be achieved because of the VM limitations, switching to KGM is
likely to improve that dramatically.

2. Once you have entered KeyWeb, and even if you exit, the virtual
memory will have taken a "big hit" as a part of the IE system stays
loaded. Therefore, if possible, it could help to do a reset after
finishing a web browsing session before doing anything that is memory
intensive. For example, download all your books from Bookshare, reset,
then read your books.

* A double chime is now heard after performing a Reset (Reset + 123 on
mPower BT and PK and Reset + sdf on mPower QT). This is used to
distinguish from the beeps heard after a hard reset (Reset + 456 or

Near the bottom of the KeySoft 8.0 Web page you will find headings and
links for

Release Note KeySoft 8.0

KeySoft 8.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Product Key Download

BrailNote mPower Upgrade

KeySoft 8.0 mPower Upgrade Instructions

KeySoft 8.0 mPower Download

mPower Bootloader Download

Zip files for KeySoft 8.0 mPower

BrailleNote PK Upgrade

KeySoft 8.0 PK Upgrade Instructions

KeySoft 8.0 BrailleNote PK Download

BrailleNote PK Upgrader

BrailleNote PK GPS

Zip files for KeySoft 8.0 BrailleNote PK

KeySync 4


Maurice Sloane

HumanWare NZ

Phone: +64 3 384 4555

Direct Dial +64 3 940 2223

Mobile: +64 21 528 374

Email: maurice.sloane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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