blind_html Class Action Suit Against the Social Security Administration

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That's OK for those who have computers and such, but what about Grandma who doesn't have a computer or anyone to assist her? She gets this letter in the mail and that's as far as it goes. She doesn't know who it's from, let alone what it's about, and everything from the SSA that's half ways important is always time limited, so when time's up ... time's up and Grandma's ... pardon me ... left in the dark ... again, cause she doesn't know and can't know.

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I can agree with them to a degree, and maybe... this will fix the stupid thing with everything being considered "accessible" if it's in a .PDF and can be read by acrobat, when what we should have is a .rtf document, which would allow for formatting, but would render the document with us having the ability to fill them out. I don't know if I like these guys running the show sometimes they do a decent enough "wake up call" to a agency or organization, but a lot of times they go off half assed, and only stir up resentment.
*shrug*, I'm still not sure what to make of it.
thanks for the information though!
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