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Had my first play with the Wii this evening at a friend's house.  I didn't get 
much of a real go on the Tennis game (the person on the other end was new to it 
as well, and on the odd occasion that we managed to get the ball going for a 
few throws, it never really lasted on either side), but the bowling was quite 
interesting, I have some sight and could see what I was doing sort of, but it 
seemed very easy for me to get a strike, but apparently that was the position I 
was standing in relation to the receiver, but I couldn't work out how to aim 
the bowl down one or the other side of the alley, and when I play bowling 
usually the bowl gets shoved down the side of the track, which didn't seem to 
happen in this case!  Also, loads of people were telling me that I was "working 
too hard at it", that was the whole point of it no?

Couldn't work out the menus at all, when I seemed to move the controller around 
it moved things around on the menus, in the end someone else did it for us.

Don't think I'll get one for personal use, at least I can hold my own on Wii 

Someone was mentioning that they were playing a Wii party game, where they had 
to pass the controller around to different people, and do different actions 
(such as answering the telephone, stirring, etc), but nobody else had heard of 
this game.  Sounded like a fun game though.


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I'm just writing to say hello and thanks for subscribing to blind wii!
Feel free to send any experiences you have had with the wii, or ask any 
questions about the wii from a
blindness perspective.
Thanks and enjoy!

Chase Crispin

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