[blind-software] Problem Making Image backups/Windows 7 and Toshiba External Hard drive

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Here's my situation. I'm running windows 7, 32-bit edition and it's a recently installed version as well. I bought a 1.5 TB Toshiba Canvio external hard drive, partly so that I could do regular drive image backups. I am able to copy individual files and folders to the drive with no problems. However, when I use Windows Backup to do a complete backup it gets to a point where it seems like it's about to finish the backup and then I get a semaphore timeout error and a message saying that there was an error accessing the remote shared folder. I have seen many people in online forums with this same problem but I never seem to find a solution that either makes sense or one which applies to my situation. The drive is not on a network; it's connected to the computer's USB port directly. I've even called Microsoft's accessibility helpdesk and I was advised to do a reinstall of the OS. I would normally consider it except that I had already done this a month before calling them to deal with some other corruption issues I was having which are not related to this problem. Reinstalling the OS would take around 3 hours, with additional time spent downloading the various patches and updates to get the system up to speed. Again, I'd consider it if I knew it would fix the problem but I just don't think that's going to solve it. I'd appreciate any assistance or thoughts you might have about how to solve this problem. I don't know which remote shared folder it's referring to. If there are specific settings or properties I should look into tweeking, I'm open to ideas.

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