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Hello Paul,

The key may lie in what is considered a "reasonable" absence.

My primary intent is to allow sometimes busy players to participate in our tournaments without giving up family activities or other interests. Over a six month tournament a few days delay in a game should not impact either player too much.

If some players seem to be abusing the rule, the rule will either be dropped or revised to be much more specific.

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Hello Richard and all,

I think the excused absences rule is worth a try. As with any new rule, if it turns out to be detrimental to Tournament play, it can be removed.

Paul Benson.

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Hello Players,

The following rule will be added to our tournament rules.

"Excused absences: Players may request a reasonable number of short excused absences during the tournament. Both player's game reflection time will be suspended during the absence. Players requesting an excused absence must send their request to the Tournament Director and scheduled opponents at least two weeks in advance of the planned absence. In addition, if a player is in the hospital, reflection time will be suspended for both players. Other emergency situations will be considered by the Tournament Director on a case by case basis."

As usual, comments are welcome.


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