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Are you by any chance using kurzweil 11? If you are, you may need to check the settings before saving the file as an rtf. If you have them set incorrectly, kurzweil will add extra page breaks.


At 03:54 PM 12/28/2008, you wrote:
Hi Kenny,

I have the original file. I'm working on it now, and I'll resubmit it when it's fixed-weird, eh?


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Hi katelaen this is kenny. I am validating jumper and I noticed this too. After I read the book I submitted the book back to step 1. I thought that everything was okay until I got the note from carrie about alot of page breaks in the document. Do you want me to release the book so you can downloa the book and clean it up or do you have the original file. The reason why i am asking is so there isn't two copies of the same book in the aprooval q.

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