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Hello Dan,
Typically, books should include a copyright page toward the front of the
book.  If you do not find any copyright information as you read through the
front, check the last two or three pages.  I have found a few submitters
move this information to the end.  But, if you fail to find the copyright
information, then, reject the book.  When you reject the book, you will be
asked the reason for rejection.  Please indicate lack of copyright
information for rejection.
I hope this helps.
Pratik Patel
Director, CUNY Assistive technology Services (CATS)
The City University of New York


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                Ok, I am confused. 

I understood from the "how to validate and download" info that we are
supposed to validate the copyright info.  I also understood that this info
was supposed to be included inside the downloaded file.  Is this not true?
I just tried to validate my second book and it doesn't have the copyright
info with it either. 

Any suggestions? 

Dan Beaver
IBM Global Services Lexington
outside: 1-859-243-3411
tie-line: 8-545-3411

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