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Dear Monica, Grand Cindy and Booksharian Friends,

I'm with you, Monica. I'm positive we are supposed to remove save for blah blah 
in titles of our uploads, but thought we are supposed to leave in BSO so Claire 
is alerted to remove the copy of the book being replaced before adding our BSO 
copy. I think she's the one who removes the BSO.. If she forgets, she 
appreciates it when we let her know so she can correct her oversight. 

Always with love,

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  Hi, Cindy. I'm a little confused. I thought we are supposed to leave the BSO 
intact so Claire knows it's supposed to replace a book already in the 
collection. Am I wrong on that?

  Monica Willyard

  Grandma Cindy wrote: 
This is just a reminder to validators to be sure to
check the title space when you accept and upload a
book. Check for misspelled titles, and be sure to
delete Hold For or  BSO. Otherwise we have to bother
Claire to fix the titles after the book is added to
the collection, like today's book BSO Merovingen
Nights: Angel with the Sword  by C. J. Cherryh.



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