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I'll just his copy with mine and accept it.  There's no content change
except for the fact that there are less scanning errors.






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Yes,  replace the entire file with your own copy and replace the ISBN.  The
only concern would be in a book where there may be different editions with
differing content,  like academic books.  In this case you would make a
brand new submission for your own copy. 


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Please respond to






[bksvol-discuss] to submit or to reject




Hey guys,

I have a book that I got to validate and actually rescanned it.  It scanned
much better when I scanned it.  I would just replace my copy with the one
that I downloaded, but the catch is that the book that Paul submitted was a
paperpack and I rescanned the hardback.  The page numbers do not match up
but the title on the submission is the same and I would be willing to change
the ISBN to match.  So what do I do, resubmit the book myself or upload my
new copy?


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