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Thank you Gerald, this helps more than I can say.  Hopefully someone can fix 
this book up now that it's back on the download page.
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  All books are uploaded in RTF after validation with the possible exception of 
TXT.  If I remember correctly, Bookshare can handle upload of TXT files as RTF 
since RTF, or Rich Text Format, is a TXT, or text file, with text commands for 
specifying formatting.  In other words, RTF files are nothing more than text 
files with cryptic commands scattered throughout the text that provide 
formatting information.

  KES, ARK, and DOC files all have to be converted to RTF before uploading them 
in order for the Bookshare tools to be able to understand them and process them 
correctly (or incorrectly depending on how the Stripper feels that day <Smile>).

  Now that I think about it, BRF files may be an exception as well.  You'll 
have to ask someone else who validates the occasional BRF file about that, 

  Should you have rejected your Papa book? If you are positive that the page 
breaks are missing, then you can reject it because Bookshare will not accept it 
like it is.  You also have the option of going to the added trouble of adding 
the page breaks back into the book.  Sometimes you can tell where they should 
be located because of the page numbering, but most of the time it requires a 
copy of the book.  You also have the third option of releasing it to allow 
someone else the option of adding the page breaks if you think that the book is 
a popular book and someone might want to go to the trouble of salvaging it.  If 
you do release it, then it would be nice if you'd tell the list about the 
problem, like you did.  That way others have an idea of what the problem is 
with the book since there's no other way of communicating the problem to other 
volunteers.  If you do release it, and you spot it still lingering on the 
download list a couple of months later, then you'd probably want to go ahead 
and reject it at that point to keep it from continuing to clutter up the list.

  It's really a matter of what you're comfortable with doing.  As you probably 
read earlier, Sarah rejected Brain by Robin Cook earlier today because of 
missing page breaks.



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