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  • Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 08:21:23 -0500

To all that have been trying to read the xml file from the daisy books , and haven't been able to do so, read on. I wanted to find out who the author of the book I am reading is, without going back to the start of the book I am listening to on my daisy reader, so I tried to load the xml file in Internet Explorer. It returned an error message telling me it couldn't load the file using XSL Style Sheets. So, the work around here is to either rename the x,ml file, or make a copy of it, and rename the copy.
For those who may not be sure how to do this, here is 1 way.

1. Move to the folder containing your daisy book in Windows Explorer.

2. Go to the file with the xml file extension.
(If you don't have Windows setup to display extensions for known file types, it should be the last file that resembles the title of the book you are trying to read. Depending on the title of the book there may be files that are totally different than any of the others after the xml one, or may not be. In any event, there should be at least 4 files that all have the same name, with the only difference being the extension.)

[If you don't intend to make a copy, so as to preserve your daisy edition, go to step 4] 3. While the xml file is high-lited, hold down the Ctrl key and hit a C, followed by holding the Ctrl key again and hitting a V. This will copy and paste the file to a new one with the prefix of "Copy of ..." at the end of the folder you are in. Now move to the new file, hitting the End key should move you there, or just use the arrow keys.

4. Hit the Alt, or Alt-F, key and arrow either up or down, up is quicker, to the rename selection and hit Enter. Now you can hit backspace and wipe out the whole name, or you can hit the left arrow 3 times, followed by the delete key 3 times to just get rid of the extension. If you deleted the whole name, give it a new name with either a .htm or .html extension, something like try.htm, or try.html, will work, and if you aren't displaying extensions in Windows, it will make it easier to find it at a later date. If you just deleted the xml extension, enter either htm or html, and hit enter. In either case, renaming the whole file, or just the extension, a message will most likely prompt you warning that changing file name extensions may cause the program not to work correctly. Just disregard the message and hit a Y to indicate yes you are really sure you want to do it.

Now you should be able to load this new htm/html file in your Internet browser, or transfer it to a device such as a VR Stream.
If you do move it to your stream, make sure you put it in the $VRText folder.

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