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Dear Booksharian Friends,

The books about the prosecutor, Hot Sierra and Monsiur are on their way to a submitter so I'm adding new titles by numbers 10, 16 and 17. meaning all books below are available for you.

Is it about a hundred thousand books Jim hopes for. We can do that! One book at a time.

I'll send the following books free to volunteers interested in scanning them. Anyone you like can validate them or you can put them up on step one. When the book is approved, please do anything you like with it.

I hope to mail these to a variety of people who have a special interest in them. I won't be boxing all of them up to send to only one or two people. If I spread them around, maybe they'll have better chances to be carefully
scanned and validated and added to the collection.

As usual, please send your request and address off list to


I'll post which books are claimed and which are still available. Unless the submittor notifies the list of what book I've sent, I don't announce who has what.

Thanks in advance for helping me clear out my book overage and for adding new books for all of us.

1. Check in to Danger Disney Adventures Casebusters 4 by Joan Lowery Nixon author of the Orphan Train books, paperback 90 pages, RL 5.2 ages 7-11 Brian and Sean are hungry to catch the thief who's been stealing expensive cuts of meat from the kitchen of the Piney Point Resort Hotel.

2. Missing (Fear Street) R. L. Stine mass market paperback 168 pages First their parents disappeared. Then the real terror began...Bookshare has about 13 other books in this series by this author.

In the Thoroughbred series
3. Down to the wire by Mary Newhall Andersen RL 5.1, #38 paperback 162 pages Christina is thrilled to have Wonder's Star home again. but if he doesn't win one of his first two races, he will be taken away forever.

4. Pride's Challenge by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #9. We have 3 other
books about horses by this author. paperback 182 pages The colt has
recovered from injury but not everyone wants him back on the race track. RL

5. Samantha's Pride Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #7 Can wonder's Pride be pushed too far? 182 pages

6. Sierra's Steeplechase Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #8 185 pages Everyone has given up on Impatient horse Sierra, but when she jumps over a fallen tree, the trainer's daughter believes in the horse's future. Rl 5.1

7. Living Legend Thoroughbred #39 by Joanna Campbell 179 pages. Christina can't live up to her mother's great riding reputation. There's too much pressure. Will she give up?

8. Great Expectations Thoroughbred #55 Karle Dickerson 172 pages Parker has his work cut out for him in England

End of Thoroughbred books.

9. On The Far Side of the Mountain sequel to My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George mass market paperback 170 pages Sam is still alone with his falcon, Frightful, 2 years after he ran away to live on the land. His younger sister lives in a treehouse nearby. A conservationist is threatening to take Frightful away. 170 pages.

10 Powers by Deborah Lynn Jacobs, teen book hardcover 180 pages '"Let him take my hand, the cold blue flame in his eyes held me, scared me '"Do you feel it he asked?" A warm tingle She has psychic dreams. He reads her mind

11. The Wind Singer Book one in the Wind on Fire Trilogy by William Nicholson hardcover 358 pages Kestrel's schoolroom rebellion against the stifling caste system leads to explosive consequences for her family who are relegated to the city's lowest caste and are ostracized. She is doomed
to spend the rest of her days in the dreaded teaching of the zombie like old children This book is from the Teen section.

12. The Covenant by James A. Michener hardback 1118 pages. takes place in Indonesia, France, Holland and England.

13. Memories of Madison County The true story of my romance with Robert James Waller by Jana St. James hardback 174 pages

14. You are so not invited to my Batmitzvah! by Fiona Rosenbloom , a teen book hard cover 190 pages Stacy has 3 weeks to prepare. She wants the perfect dress, to perform 3 mitzahs, and Andy Goldfarb to fall in love with her but instead she gets One hideous dress that she would never be caught dead in, three failed mitzvahs and one ex-friend's horrible betrayal.

15. The Throne of Saturn A novel of space and politics by Allen Drury Heavy hardback 580 pages nations and their enemies track each other with

16. Drinking A Love Story by Caroline Knapp, This is a memoir, hardcover 258 pages about...you guessed it...alcoholism

17. As Time Goes By a novel of Casablanca by Michael Walsh hardcover 410 ppages, no description, but I think it is about the movie.

18. Far From Xanadu, Julie Anne Peters a ranch girl who pumps iron and fixes plumbing and gets ice cream at the Dairy Queen.good days Can a gay person love a straight person? Will the love be returned. For anyone who has felt love just out of reach. A teen book. Hardcover 282 pages. Good text, but page numbers squigly and hard to read. Once you know where page one is, you can put them in.

19. Tough Guys Don't Dance a novel by Norman Mailer Hardcover 229 pages

20. The Very Best People by Elizabeth Villars A romance Woman falls in love with a man on campus in 1917 but can't have him until 20 years later because he wasn't born into Philadelphia Society.

21. The Pride of the Peacock by Victoria Holt hardcover about 270 pages A large opal plays a large part in a woman's unlucky destiny.

22. Tinsel a novel by William Goldman about 340 pages hardcover, no description but might be a bit, um, adult, kids and teans under 18 need not apply for this one

23. The Purple Quest by Frank G. Slaughter, a vivid novel of seafaring adventure and royal intrigue in the ancient world Hardcover 210 pages. Dust jacket very ripped up, but the book is in good shape.

24. Dark Horse by Fletcher Knebel hardback 367 pages, Quinn, an obscure New Jersey highway official becomes a presidential candidate, I think this is a novel of political speculation. For example they talk about an international treaty to conscript men for the army that are over 50. A major reduction of income tax rate coupled with the abolition of all deductions except a 30 percent human depletion allowance for all taxpayers. a law requiring all prison guards and wardens to spend at least one month at a penal institution other than their own, as anonymous prisoners. Satire? I don't know/!

There are mistakes here I'm sure, but my patience and time are gone for now. At last check these books weren't in the collection or the books we had weren't excellent quality. Feel free to check them.


Always with love,


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