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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 19:54:40 -0800 (PST)


You and/or the validator can always point out that the
books contains dialect or made-up words and therefore
anyh automatic speller rating is false -- the book
deserves the excellent rating it gets.


-- The Pardees <fpardee@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Most industrious list members,
> If I may, I will  provide a brief diversion from the
> fascinating subject of 
> stripping or not stripping.
> I have just received the  loan of five books from my
> teen aged grandson, 
> who until now, I believed to be reasonablely
> intelligent.  However, he has 
> become hooked on the Redwall  series of fantasy
> books , by Brian Jacques.
> Apparently these books have become a rage with teen
> agers and have received 
> good words from the New York
> Times and  The School Library Journal, among others.
> These books are set in a fantasy world of talking
> animals, who possess the 
> finer characteristics of humans, such as, battling
> with spears, hanging 
> from cliffs, swimming raging rivers and stealing
> tapestries.
> My only problem with submitting them is that Mr.
> Jacques uses a tremendous 
> number of invented words, In addition the animals
> talk in dialect. This 
> results in a rank spelling rating of 96.33 and a
> count of 1680 misspelled 
> words. I have stripped the headers , counted the
> pages and removed junk 
> characters, but I am not going through that list of
> misspelled words.  I 
> doubt if I could even tell Mr. Jacques's invented
> words from a scanno.
> I will be submitting the first or possibly the last
> tonight. The name of 
> the book is Marlfox and is in rtf.
> I am going to give it a rating of excellent because
> I think it is.  If 
> anyone is crazy enough to validate it, they can
> change the rating or reject 
> it.
> Jim

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