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Sure. Here is a sampling. From the beginning of the book.

and Series Romantic Fantasy.PrologueAt was mid-October. The Crenshaws of Texas were having a party, and everyone for miles around had been invited.Joe and Gail Crenshaw's oldest son, Jake, and Ashley the only child of Joe's foreman, Kenneth Sullivanhad been married in a private ceremony earlier in the day and now all their friends and neighbors were celebrating at one of Joe's famous barbecues.Strings of lights decorated the large live oaks surrounding the hacienda-style homestead, and dozens of tiki torches offered light to the crowd and discouraged any lingering mosquitoes that might have survived the first cold front that had moved through the Hill Country of Texas the week before.The patio had been cleared for dancing to the music of a local country-western band, and people of all ages were either dancing or watching those who were.8 CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIREHeatherJake's four-year-old daughter from his first marriageraced in and around the visitors with Blackie, her three-month-old Border collie puppy, nipping at her heels. A half-dozen children followed them, sounding like a noisy uprising from the kindergarten set.Joe and Gail watched the festivities from a picnic table near the patio. Gail chuckled at the children's antics. Life had certainly changed for them during the past few months since Jake discovered he had a daughter. At long last, Gail was a grandmother. She couldn't have been happier."I'm so glad to see Heather playing with the other children. It's quite a change from her birthday party three weeks ago. She wouldn't leave Jake's arms all evening.""I think having the puppy has helped her overcome her shyness." Joe looked at the people milling around. "Looks like everyone's enjoying tonight. I'm glad the weather cooperated."Gail laughed. "We've never had bad weather on the day of one of our parties. Have you noticed that?""I just figured that's what you wanted, so I did what I could to please you."She snickered. "You are so full of it." She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. "I sometimes wonder why I've put up with you all these years."He pulled her close and nuzzled her ear. "You want me to remind you?" he

asked silkily, causing her to blush.She immediately changed the subject before his comments continued."I'm glad Jake and Ashley agreed to have a short engagement. Heather wanted Ashley living with them as soon as they told her they were to marry." She searched for theANNETTE BROADRICK 9couple until she spotted them dancing. "It's been wonderful to see Jake happy again after all those years alone."The band was playing a slow tune and they watched as Jake and Ashley swayed together, their arms firmly wrapped around each other.Joe looked around, wondering where his three younger sons were hiding. "I hope the others decide to follow Jake's lead and settle down one of these days."He spotted them in the shadows of one of the large trees, watching the festivities from a safe distance.Joe loved his sons, although they'd been a handful to bring up. What one didn't think of to do, another one would. High-spirited, Gail called them. Joe thought of them as rambunctious and rowdy.He had to admit that they hadn't turned out half-bad. In fact, he was downright proud of them.He and Gail had been stunned when Jason, their youngest son, showed up unexpectedly at the ranch yesterday. He'd made the Army his career and now had a highly classified, and dangerous, position in Special Ops.Jude, their third son, had been part of the National Security Agency for the past three years. At present, he was working out of San Antonio on some kind of classified assignment. Joe had long ago learned not to inquire into his two younger sons' work. He was pleased that Jude had been close enough to come to the wedding.Jared was the one he tended to worry about. He'd always had a strong independent streak. He had a degree in petroleum engineering and was hired by one of the largest oil companies in the world as soon as he graduated. He seemed to enjoy his job as troubleshooter for the company, traveling from one hot spot to another around the world. He had just returned from Saudi Arabia.10CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIREJoe knew that Jared was good at what he did. He should knowJared had found oil on the ranch the summer before his senior year at the University of Texas. But Joe worried that Jared courted danger wherever he went. Almost a daredevil. Either that or he was convinced he was immortal. He'd always taken too many chances, ever since he was a child.He couldn't see Jared settling down anytime soon.Gail smiled as she saw her three younger sons catching up on each other's lives. It had been a long while since all four of the boys had been anywhere at the same time.The Crenshaw males were tall and blond with a rangy build

that made them look good in whatever they chose to wear. They had broad, muscular shoulders and chests, narrow waists, long legs and what Gail thought of as snake hips. Shopping for them when they were kids had been a chore, trying to find pants that would fit their narrow waists and hips and long legs.All of them had Joe's looks and charisma, the same kind of looks and charisma that had caught her attention so many years ago. She'd fallen hard for the man and had never once regretted jumping into marriage soon after they met."It's good to have all four of them home at the same time," Joe said, echoing Gail's thoughts."I consider it a miracle," Gail softly replied."Great party.. .as usual," one of their neighbors said, sitting down across from them. "1 swear, you two don't look old enough to have four strapping sons. Life certainly agrees with you."Joe looked at Gail with a lifted brow and a provocative smile, causing her to blush before they both laughed."1 have to agree with you there, Stu," Joe replied.ANNETTE BROADRICK11* * *"Hey, Jared," Jason said. With a nod toward two new arrivals, he asked, "Do you know the couple who just arrived? She's quite a looker."Jared glanced over his shoulder, saw the couple Jason was talking about and did a double take."Well, I'll be.""What?" Jude asked."That's Senator Russell.""Really,"

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Would you be able to cut and paste a page for us to read. What you say sounds pretty strange, I admit.


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There are no line breaks at all and no spaces between sentences. That's what I mean by linear spacing.

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