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Hi everyone,
I have three mystery/suspense novels that I can't scan because my Openbook 
program has gone nuts. The books are Ghost Dancer by John Case, Merciless by 
Richard Montanari and A Killing in the Valley by J. F. Freedman. If someone is 
willing to scan, then I will ship them the books. You are welcome to dispose of 
them as you see fit after scanning and submitting, of course. The three titles 
are listed below with a description of each.
Ghost dancer by John Case

Photojournalist Mike Burke carried his camera into every war zone and hellhole 
on earth - and came back with the pictures (and battle scars)

to prove it. He was flying high until, quite suddenly, he wasn't. When Burke's 
helicopter crashed and burned in Africa, he came away with his life but

lost his heart to the beautiful woman who saved him. That's when he decided it 
was time to stop dancing with the devil. But a wicked twist of fate puts

an end to Burke's dreams, leaving him adrift in Dublin with bittersweet 
memories . . . and no appetite for danger. But neither danger - nor the devil -

is done with him yet.


An ocean away, Jack Wilson leaves prison burning for revenge. Like Mike Burke, 
Jack has had something taken from him. And he, too, dreams of starting life

over. Only Jack's dream is the rest of the world's nightmare. Driven by his 
obsession with a Native American visionary, and guided by the secret notebooks

of Nikola Tesla, the man who is said to have "invented the twentieth century," 
Wilson dreams of the Apocalypse - and plans to make it happen.


As a terrifying worldwide chain reaction is set in motion, one thing stands 
between Jack Wilson and the time of reckoning he is calling forth: Mike Burke.

With nothing left to lose, and little understanding of precisely whom and what 
he's facing, Burke risks everything, one last time, in a battle of wits

with an enemy who knows no fear . . . and shows no mercy.

Merciless by Richard Montanari

This is the third novel featuring Philadelphia homicide detectives Kevin Byrne 
and Jessica Balzano. It is preceded by The Rosary Girls and The Skin Gods, 
which are both great suspense.

A Killing in the Valley by J. F. Freedman

When the body of high school senior Maria Estrada is found on Juanita McCoy's 
ranch-and the bullet that killed her was from Mrs. McCoy's gun-no one really

suspects the 76-year-old matriarch of one of Santa Barbara's oldest families of 
foul play. Her grandson Steven, however, is a different story-he'd recently

visited, his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon, and his alibi for 
the last day of Maria's life is shaky.


Luke Garrison teams up with P.I. Kate Blanchard-whose daughter, Sophia, was at 
school with the dead girl-to prepare his defense. Sophia is surprisingly

valuable when it comes to gathering information, but not surprisingly, naive 
when it comes to matters of the heart. Growing close to Juanita and yearning

for Steven, Sophia could be the fuse that ignites a killer's fury.

Merry Christmas,

Marcus Williams

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