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  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 00:49:01 -0500

Hi, I'm not necessarily doing this list of authors specifically for the wish 
list, but if they found their way on any part of bookshare, my feelings 
wouldn't be hurt.  Years ago, some people gave me a list of authors, some I had 
never heard of, and some I had.  I plan on seeing if they all have bookshare 
spots, but if not, maybe someday they will, and if anybody happens to have 
anything by them laying around or has access to them, we wouldn't be hurt for 
any additions to the bookshare family of books.  With that being said, here 
comes a list of authors.  Please excuse any garbage characters or repeats.  

 Ginny Aiken - contemporary 
 Hannah Alexander - contemporary medical romance 
 Lynn Austin - historical
 Karen Ball - contemporary 
 Ann Bell - contemporary 
 James Scott Bell - historical
 Lisa Tawn Bergren - contemporary 
 Lawana Blackwell - historical
 Stephen Bly - historical
 T. Davis Bunn - historical
 Linda Chaikin - historical and contemporary 
 Dianne L. Christner - historical
 Colleen Coble - historical and contemporary 
 Lynn A. Coleman - historical and contemporary 
 Carol Cox - historical and contemporary 
 Lori Copeland - historical and contemporary 
 Lyn Cote - contemporary 
 Birdie L. Etchison - historical
 Linda Ford - historical
 JoAnn A. Grote - historical and contemporary 
 Robin Jones Gunn - contemporary 
 Kristen Heitzmann - historical and contemporary 
 Dee Henderson - contemporary 
 Liz Curtis Higgs - contemporary 
 Grace Livingston Hill - historical
 B. J. Hoff - historical
 Karen Kingsbury - contemporary 
 Al and JoAnna Lacy - historical
 Al Lacy - historical
 Yvonne Lehman - contemporary 
 Beverly Lewis - historical (Amish)
 C. S. Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia
 George MacDonald - historical
 Shari MacDonald - contemporary 
 Gail Gaymer Martin - contemporary 
 Dawn Miller - historical
 Judith McCoy Miller - historical
 Diane Mills - historical  (Check out her book, "Mail Order 
 Sara Mitchell - historical and contemporary 
 Gilbert Morris - historical
 Gilbert Morris and Lynn Morris - historical  (Father-Daughter 
 Alan Morris - historical  (Gilbert Morris's son)
 Diane Noble - historical
 Janette Oke - historical
 Cathrine Palmer - historical and contemporary 
 Judith Pella - historical
 Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson - historical
 Tracie Peterson - historical and contemporary 
 Michael Phillips - historical
 Michael Phillips and Judith Pella - historical
 Eugenia Price - historical
 Colleen L. Reece - historical and contemporary 
 Lee Roddy - historical
 Debra White Smith - historical and contemporary 
 Lauraine Snelling - historical
 Jill Stengl - historical and contemporary 
 Peggy Stoks - historical
 Brock and Bodie Thoene - historical
 Jake and Luke Thoene - historical  (Brock and Bodie Thoene's sons)
 Elizabeth White - historical and contemporary 
 Stephanie Grace Whitson - historical
 Lori Wick - historical and contemporary 
 Linda Windsor - historical and contemporary 
 Carolyn Zane - contemporary
Jack Cavanaugh
Ted Dekker
Francine Rivers
/Sandy Dingler or DAngler (wrote about Australia--would like to read this 
author's stuff.

Looking at this list, I've read many of these authors, but many more I have 
not.  I also like Terry Blackstock, whoever wrote the Kencade books based on 
the Thomas Kencade paintings about a town in Massachusetts, Catherine Cookson, 
Meg Cabot, Georgette Hayer, Agatha Christie, Tim and Beverly Lahaye, Jerry B. 
Jenkins, Lois T. Henderson, as mentioned before Phyllis A. Whitney and Mary 
Higgins Clark, Ann George, L. M. Montgomery, Jane Peart, June Masters Bacher, 
Robin Lee Hatcher, and I am having more on the tip of my tongue but I can't 
remember them right now, but even if you read from places and organizations 
other than bookshare, I'd strongly recommend these authors and ones like them 
as they came from a reliable recommender and/or I read them myself.  Happy 
reading and have a blessed day.  PS:  Besides maybe Michael Palmer and Hannah 
Alexander, can anybody recommend some good medical fiction?  ER type stuff, 
hospital, doctor, nurse, anything.  Have a blessed day.  

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