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Hi, Jim. How well did it scan? I'm just curious because I know what a bear 
cookbooks can be to scan sometimes. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Just submitted Vegetarain.

Features 500 inspirational recipes for all occasions, from simple soups, 
dips and salads to elegant dinner-party dishes

techniques tell you all you need to know about preparing vegetables and 

Jim B

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  Hi Jim and Pratik
  Jim thanks for planing to scan the cooking book. I shall take that for 
vaildation for sure. Pl .let me know  when you are done.
  Pratik, thanks for showing your interest .devi

  jbaugh <jim.baugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    I have "Vegetarian a cook's guide to the sensational world of vegetarian 
cooking with 500 recipes". Will start scanning it today.

    Jim B

  Devi ramaseshan
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