[bksvol-discuss] Validation Manual

  • From: "Becky D." <guidepartner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 08:11:34 -0800

Hi, Cindy.

I have uploaded a number of books to bookshare which I have enjoyed reading, 
but so far haven't validated any, though when I look at the "Step One: 
Download" section, I'd love to work with.  I then joined this e-mail list to 
see what people wrote about, and how I might
improve my submissions. I have to admit however, to feeling overwhelmed by the 
number of msgs (I ought to change to "digest" mode, I know), and a sense
of total overwhelm over how to do all the things people talk about on the list.

I don't want to go back through acres of archived msgs; I'd love to have 
something like what you're describing, -- something all in one place that I 
get my hands on easily, and that I could refer to quickly.

I want to congratulate you on such a terrific idea, and such a to-the-point and 
clear proposal. In this manual, it would be great to find ways to validate 
books using a notetaker. I have a BrailleNote with a qwerty keyboard, and would 
like to see both inkprint and braille keyboard information included.

Thanks for your proposal; hope you get an enthusiastic go-ahead!

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