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I understand the problems associated with maintaining a list like this.  My
question is, are people on the bksvol-discuss group e-mail list still trying
to make an effort to maintain the list or has everyone given up?


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I cannot speak directly to your question; but as a regular book scanner, I
don't post my scanning plans to that list.
I don't plan my scanning far into the future; and generally what I begin
scanning are often spur of the moment decisions based on something that
catches my current interest, something that becomes available at the
library, a book my wife has laying around, whatever.
Another problem with such lists is that they tend to only reflect the
plans of a fraction of the outside volunteers who submit books, do not
include what goes on by the inside group in Palo Alto, nor those special
projects such as the large collection submissions.
Hence, a book not appearing on that list doesn't indicate that someone is
doing it.
Moreover, a book appearing on that list doesn't mean it will be scanned
soon, say nothing of the validation process plus the increasingly slow
final approval process in Palo Alto.
A list such as that can only work effectively if it becomes a fast track
to a book making the collection.

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