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I am about to upload a new scan, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, by B.
Traven.  I am attaching a .pdf and a .rtf file to illustrate my questions.
Question #1: Superfluous introductory pagesThe attached .pdf file shows that of
the first ten pages in this scan, only five have any unique content.  The other
five are either blank or repeat content on the other five pages.  Do the rules
of Bookshare require that I include all of them as they exist in the book?  Or
can I be efficient and creative - for example including the five page in the
order v (title), vi, i, ii, and vii (see the .rtf file)?
Question #2: Sub-chapter headingsThis book has chapters entitled "1", "2", "3",
and so on.  It also has sub-chapter headings, entited "2", "3", "4", etc.  One
of them is shown on page "3" of the text in the .pdf.  The sub-chapter heading
is the only thing on the line.  How do I mark these in a way that they won't be
confused with page numbers.  (Note:  while the great majority of these occur in
the middle of a page, some may occur as the first or last line in a page.  The
page numbers in this book are on the bottom of each page).  I temporarily
marked them by putting "$" characters on either side of them in the .rtf, so I
can easily find and replace them with the proper formatting.
Bill Korn

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