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Thanks very much, Monica. It is wonderful to get messages of appreciation like 

I will admit that I was not really all that interested in doing books for 
children before I met Lissi, except for some children's books that I myself had 
liked as a child. But I started doing  them partly to help her, but mainly to 
get some extra credits when I was living in circumstances where the finances 
were very tight. But now I like doing them and look forward to hearing about 
new ones that we can work on.  I've found some very funny, silly (in a good 
way), clever and very moving books by doing read aloud and other books for 
children. And Lissi, being a retired school teacher, has always had a strong 
desire to get kids involved in reading, both by being read to and by reading on 
their own. So we're both glad to keep putting these kinds of books up on 
Bookshare. And there are plenty more to scan. 

Keep a lookout for some Christmas read aloud books for children over the next 
couple weeks in amongst the books for older children and adults that I have 
scanned and Lissi is validating. I have already scanned a couple read alouds, 
which will be validated over the next few days; and if time permits, I have a 
few more  that I will scan if Lissi has time to validate them. She reads 
through everything before sending it up to the Admin Queue, as you know, and I 
sometimes read through them myself. So every book gets at least one read 
through, and often two, as well as a spell check before it gets into the 
collection. This does take extra time, but we are both committed to the highest 
quality we can produce. This is important for all books, but, we agree with E 
that this is especially important for the children's books. If they're not 
being read to them, the kids are reading the books themselves, and it does not 
encourage them to read if the books are riddled with mistakes. Actually, I 
would think that that would be quite a discouragement, which is definitely the 
last thing we want.

It's inspiring and motivating to have our work appreciated.

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  I want to take a minute and let everyone know how much I appreciate the work 
Lissi and Evan are doing on the read aloud books for kids. They don't have 
children, but they see the value in making books accessible for blind kids or 
their blind parents who want to read with their sighted child. Thanks to these 
two dedicated volunteers, I'll have plenty of things to read to my little niece 
as she gets older. I will always treasure the gifts of your time and effort 
with preparing these books for Bookshare.


  Monica Willyard

  "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker


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