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Hi Alyssa. To the best of my knowledge, we don't have a hard and fast rule
about these. I label mine with the words caption, sidebar, and text box with
parentheses around the label. I don't usually label tables because they are
easier to indentify by how they look. I know other people do things
differently. I also use this method to let people know about a page that
contains a picture, drawing,  or graph that won't scan so they'll know there
is something there. If I have sighted help, I describe the picture. If no
one is able to help me, or If it's something complicated like a bar graph, I
just let people know that it's there in case they have a buddy who can
describe it to them. 


I know my system isn't perfect, and others may have better solutions. I hope
this helps.


Monica Willyard

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker


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I finished proofing a textbook that Shelley had scanned. I'm just waiting
for a few pages to be rescanned before submitting it for approval. In the
meantime, I came up with a question. This particular issue didn't really
phase me since I am a college student and deal with e-texts on a regular
basis. However, I realize what I am about to mention might confuse some
people when reading this book and any others with this type of information
in it, so I wanted to get some opinions on it. 


On some pages, there are captions and tables. A lot of times, I have found
that these items are in the middle or bottom of pages, so they manage to
split the main text up to some extent. I have left them as they were when I
checked the book out because it made perfect sense to me. Is there something
I should do to make sure that this is clear to everyone and that people
understand that there isn't missing text in the book? Thanks.




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