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Thank you carrie for the acknowledgment.
It was a great book to scan.
i went right to this book because I knew the one that proceeded it was already 
on the site. 
I hope it is enjoyed.
Take care

Carrie Karnos <ckarnos@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Yes, The Freedom Writer's Diary was a 
New York Times bestseller.  Gruwell's follow-up book sounds interesting.  
Thanks for validating it!  And thanks to Anastasia for scanning it.


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 I just finished validating and uploaded Teach with
Your Heart, written by Erin Gruwell about her
experiences teaching the "difficult" students in Long
Beach about whom the Freedom Writers movie was. It's
very readable, and she was an excellent teacher with
wonderfully inventive and caring ways to teach and
reach her students. But apparently she didn't edit her
book, because, as those of you who are or were English
teachers or copy editors will notice, there are a
number of grammatical errors and one or two vocabulary
errors. I had to smile as I refrained from correcting

There is some obscenity and profanity, but the value
of reading this book should far outweigh any
discomfort caused by reading the words. The counter
counted only 147--they are fairly few and far between,
so I didn't mark it Adult but but the warning in the
long synopsis.

The book is very readable, I haven't seen the  movie or
read the original book written by the students, The
Freedom Writers Diary. It is in the
collection--submitted by The New York Times--Carrie?
It may have been a best-seller, but I don't know.

Scanned by Anastasia.


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