[bksvol-discuss] Re: Should I reject this book? How to Write a Research Paper

  • From: Monica Willyard <rhyami@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 08:11:31 -0500

Hi, Misha. Yikes. I can see you're in a tough spot. You've obviously given this book a fair shake and have tried to make it work. In your place, I would probably reject the book since rewriting the text wouldn't work. Since the publisher does sell e-books, they may have something more useful to students needing this specific workbook. I don't have any ideas to share about how this book could be saved. Like you, I think books like this are important. Maybe those of us who scan books can find some books that will work better for Bookshare readers. Ron Fry has written a great book about writing term papers. I'll check to see if Bookshare already has it. I can't remember. If we don't have it, I'll order it since I was planning to get it for my daughter soon anyway.

Monica Willyard

Misha wrote:
This book has two problems. One is that chapter headings and some other text are in a script like font which the OCR just can't handle. But, I found it can be previewed online at the publisher's web site, so I can get around that problem. A bigger one is that is is largely a workbook where the student is supposed to fill in boxes with examples of topics and outline pieces and references and so on. It is not as simple as describing tables or graphs, you have to organize the description so the reader knows what they are to supply. I can't think of a way of making this sensible to a listner or in braille without a major rewrite and we are not supposed to do that even if I actually had time for it. By the way, several others tried to validate this before me and apparently gave it up. The publisher does sell ebook versions of their books (which may or may not be any more useful than this scan, but I thought I'd mention it in any case). I'd love to have something in the collection on this topic, especially since this one is for middle school students, but I just don't think this one will work.

But if anyone has done something similar and has suggestions or I can release it and s/he can take it.

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