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Hey Folks, I just submitted The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge. It has 
been completely read through, and completely spellchecked. all page numbers and 
page breaks are present, all headers removed, and all font adjustments have 
been made.

Here's the info from inside flaps:

In a lab at the edge of the galaxy, in search of an ancient archive, scientists 
unwittingly unleash the Blight: this vast, destructive entity rampages through 
the Zones of Thought, subverting digital intelligence and devastating countless 
worlds and races throughout the Beyond. One ship, carrying the children of the 
scientists, seeks haven on an obscure world in the Slow Zone, only to find 
medieval kingdoms of group-animals--the Tines--at war with one another. Another 
ship, itself fleeing the Blight, follows their ship's distress signal to Tines 
World and helps end the war, saving most of the Children.

Ten years later, Ravna Bergsndot, the lone surviving human adult living among 
the Tines, has revived most of the hundred and fifty Children who remain in 
coldsleep. Under her protection, the Children have grown to adulthood and 
established a society with the Tines. Now, Tinish packs and human beings live 
together in peace in the Domain, one of the few remaining outposts of humans in 
the galaxy, while Ravna keeps watch against the approach of the Blight.

Other than Ravna, only Johanna and Jefri Olsndot, whose parents piloted the 
desperate flight to Tines World, have direct knowledge of the events that 
brought them there, and Jefri was too young to truly understand. The other 
Children have memories only of life before the Blight. Now, old enough to shape 
their own future, they question Ravna's guidance, and seek to chart a new 
course ... heedless of the potential for disaster amid the Machiavellian 
politics of Tines World.

As some in the Domain plot and scheme, far beyond their society's borders the 
legendary pack Tycoon is shaping the world's first industrial civilization. 
With dark alliances swirling in both human and Tinish circles, the survival of 
Tines World depends on Ravna. And Ravna has enemies, unseen ... awaiting their 

I enjoyed this book, but it is not the book I, and many others judging by the 
reviews, was hoping for. It is not the story of the confrontation between Tines 
world and the Blighter fleet. We'll have to wait for another book for that. And 
at the rate he puts out books, well, it's likely to be quite a while. Still, 
this is a good tale. Happy reading.


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