[bksvol-discuss] Re: Scans with Spaces in the Middle of Words

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Lora, had the same problem but since it was a short book, had a lot yesterday 
reading it. I could be wrong in my theory, but one reason could be that the 
page wasn't flat on the scanner. I have done this myself but gone back and 
rescan the page. I wonder if the type could have anything to do with it. I'm 
not the expert though so maybe Jake or someone else with more expertise will 
have the answer.
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  I'm validating a book now that has a random space in the middle of words, 
perhaps four or five times a page.  The spell checker will catch most of these, 
but if the space appears in such a place that the characters before and after 
the space both form words, I'll never know.

  I suspect there's no way around this but reading the book through, which I 
may not have time to do.

  Any idea what causes the OCR to do something like that?

  Just curious,


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