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Hello Fellow Booksharians, 


I am working through a course in miracles for my personal growth but also
plan on submitting it when I have it cleaned up. One of the bigger
corrections I have found is the way the text is broken up into sections such
as in the bible. What is the view about correcting these. Right now the
number is against the word as in 1should I put a space between the text and
number. 2Or doesn't it make a big difference? 3Am I making a big deal about


Below is a page from the book. Over all with the settings I am getting a
99.9 recognition rating. 






There is no will but God's.

1. The idea for today can be regarded as the central thought toward which
all our exercises are directed. 2God's is the only Will. 3When you have
recognized this, you have recognized that your will is His. 4The belief that
conflict is possible has gone. 5Peace has replaced the strange idea that you
are torn by conflicting goals. 6As an expression of the Will of God, you
have no goal but His.

2. There is great peace in today's idea, and the exercises for today are
directed towards finding it. 2The idea itself is wholly true. 3Therefore it
cannot give rise to illusions. 4Without illusions conflict is impossible.
5Let us try to recognize this today, and experience the peace this
recognition brings.

3. Begin the longer practice periods by repeating these thoughts several
times, slowly and with firm determination to understand what they mean, and
to hold them in mind:

2There is no will but God's. 3I cannot be in conflict.

4Then spend several minutes in adding some related thoughts, such as:

51 am at peace.

6Nothing can disturb me. 7My will is God's. 8My will and God's are one.

9God wills peace for His Son.

10During this introductory phase, be sure to deal quickly with any conflict
thoughts that may cross your mind. 11Tell yourself immediately:

12There is no will but God's. 13These conflict thoughts are meaningless.

4. If there is one conflict area that seems particularly difficult to
resolve, single it out for special consideration. 2Think about it briefly
but very specifically, identify the particular person or per130



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