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  • From: "Jamie Yates, CPhT" <mirxtech@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 20:34:36 -0400

I suggested years ago (and many times) that Bookshare implement a thing to
submit wishes just like a person submits a book to "step 1" which is the
books to checkout for proofreading list now.

Then a person could "check out" a wish to indicate they would scan it, and
then go back to that list to submit the book to the proofreading list.

Then a person would check out the book for proofreading and return to submit
it for final approval just like they do now.

It is, indeed, very hard now to check all of the lists. The web page with
the books being scanned is very old and I don't keep the daily list once
I've glanced through it. The outsourced books list, I'm not sure how often
that one is updated. I don't even have the link for it now because it's lost
in my bookmarks from my old computer and I don't know how to import them to
my new computer when parts of that drive are unusable.

Jamie in Michigan

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