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  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 05:02:51 -0500

you may want to remove any spaces in the file name and reupload the file to
your server.  you may choose to replace the spaces to underscore (_)
characters to make it easier to read.  Otherwise, it seems like Steven will
not be able to download the file.


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Hi, Stephen!  I seem to have lost your address, so I thought I'd write to
you here.  I have another file that has managed to become corrupted on me.
You helped me with a similar situation several months ago, and I'm hopig
that you might be able to help agan.  Again, I've spent a lot of time
working on it, and I'm trying to keep from having to start over if I can.
Since I had trouble getting the file to you last time, I have created a link
where you can download it.  I'll include the error log here, in case that
might be helpful.  You can download the troublesome file at
http://janajackson.com/dunkirk crescendo.kes
Thanks for your help, as always!
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