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Hi Kristin,

        What you are seeing is the occurrence of a header in your book.
These are only supposed to appear at the top or bottom (if they are footers)
of pages.  If they are appearing in the middle of a page, please insert a
page break before the occurrence of the header, as headers are much more
common than footers.  

        Also, it is helpful to remove those headers.  They are usually the
title or author at the top of a page.  But, please leave the page number.

        Your instincts are right on that those headers can and should be
removed.  But, again, they should be appearing only at the top or bottom of
pages.  If they are occurring in the middle of pages and not just in the
middle of sentences, a page break does need to be inserted before them.  

        I don't know what you're reading with, but to insert a page break
using Kurzweil 1000 or microsoft word, pressing control and enter together
will create a page break.  

        That was a very very good question.  

Happy reading.



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Firstly, I'd like to thank you for all the advice for us newbie's on here
which includes myself. This may seem like a very simple question but the
book I am proof reading has the author and page number right in the middle
of the sentence. For example, "I used to pretend tea parties and jump



Nancy E. Turner 2


rope with her." Is there anyway I could place the information at the bottom
of the diary entry instead of having it in the middle like this shows? I get
it however I'm not sure the reader would understand and be confused. Maybe
I'm making something more out of this issue but I only want all of the
readers to be able to understand and enjoy this really cool novel! I hope
these questions aren't too bothersome and I only want to get better with
this stuff grin! Thanks so much for all of your help and I hope you are
having a spectacular day. 


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