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Got the update and was able to remember enough to redo what I'd done before.  
It's now done except for the cover and read-through.
One more to go and then, a Lot of reading.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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  do you mean an error occurred that trashed the file?  If so that is 
  It won't do a lot of good now, but if you have version 10 you should check 
  for updates because 10.03 has been released and checking to make sure a 
  file is safe to save is one of the improvements.  There is an explanation 
  of the improvements and what they do on the web site and I also believe a 
  kind of release notes file is placed in either manuals or general when you 
  install each version and patch.

  Sarah Van Oosterwijck
  Assistive Technology Trainer
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  From: "Gary Petraccaro" <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Parlor Games

  I was 28 words from finishing with this book's spelling check when I got 
  the "an error occurred" message from K1000.  My schedule is now officially 


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