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  • Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 13:07:19 -0800 (PST)

I think your last sentence explains it, Natalie. One
doesn't see it any more--at least I don't--but in my
youth all we saw of blind people were those sitting on
sidewalks selling pencils. Until I knew my father's
friend, a successful attorney who was married and
raised two children, who had become blind in
adolescence, the beggars were all I saw--and maybe
occasionally people with canes being picked up by
service vans from Goodwill or Salvation to do some
kind of handiwork.

For those of us who are sighted and know the little
difficulties of ife--and those of us who have gone to
college and know the pressures and difficulties that
can be encountered there--it is easy for us--at least
for me--to admire all of you--I wouldn't use as strong
a word as be in awe of, but maybe. I think we wonder
if we would be able to "deal" as well as all of you.
You younger folk do have, as has been mentioned here,
some technological advantages older blind people
didn't have when they were young and in school, as
Elizabeth and some others have mentioned. People of my
generation, as far as I know, had to use people as
notetakers, as one of you mentioned, and people to
guide them, before guide dogs. There weren't even tape
recorders available to tape lectures.

First Lady of the Seeing Eye, by Morris Frank, about
the first guide dogs, presents the difficulties and
embarrassing situations blind people faced before
guide dogs became available. The book is in the


> My question to people like this, is, why do they say
> stuff like this? It's 
> either learn to be independent and find ways to do
> things or stay at home, 
> shrivel up and die.
> Natalie B.

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