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In addition, people who smoked for many years and quit may have trouble with 
aromas of all kinds.  I found I was not alone when, after 40 years, I quit 
smoking and ended up having to give away all my perfumes and scants of all 
types as well as being unable to use most cleaners [not just the Pine scented 
ones].  At the allergy clinic I found many others who had the same problem and 
there was nothing the doctors could do about it but recommend using unscented 
cleaners.  If anyone knows of any please share the information.  Even natural 
scents can be a problem.

Amy Goldring Tajalli 
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  Hi all.  This has been an interesting non-book thread.  <smile>


  First, I want to acknowledge that there are folks who have a real-life 
sensitivity to scents and it can be debilitating causing head aches and 
breathing difficulty and much more.  In fact, more folks than you'd think have 
some level of sensitivity to scents and chemicals that normally appear in our 


  Having said that, there are definitely some scents that are better than 
others, and I'm not talking about preferring peppermint to rose.  Candles and 
incense made with essential oils are much easier on everyone's senses and are 
much more tolerable by folks who have a sensitivity to such things.  It really 
makes all the difference in the world.  The same holds true to scented products 
such as lotions, perfumes, soaps, etc.  I always look for products with 
all-natural ingredients including essential oils as the basis for the scent.  


  Here's to happy smells!


  Peace and Hope,




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