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Hi, Friends,

Recently there have been a number of people who have had computer crashes and programs that ceased to work so I want to pass on a problem and the solution that eventually developed.

I had not realized it at first but after my last big crash when Dell had to clean out my computer and reinstall all my programs and sent me the back-up disks, I went along my merry way until, after some years, I wanted to read something from Penn State and attempted to down-load Adobe Reader. No luck. I kept getting a message that I needed  Adobe 7.09 and as it was not available to down-load I would need to install it from my disk.
What Disk ??? There was no disk and never had been one. I tried everything on and off for a few years, including getting the Adobe 7.09 from a friend but even that would not work.

Having run out of options, I call the Dell Help Desk and explained my problem and that I had no money but since they had not sent me the back-up disk it should be their problem.
To make a long story not quite as long, the young lady took over control of my computer which was fine with me because if she gave me instructions we would still be working on the problem.Even with her doing the work and my watching, and with her check back frequently with someone else, it took an hour as she finally had to remove every bit of Adobe every place it was in my computer. And I do mean every place. Once she was able to do that, we could down load Adobe 9.0 Reader, Installation, and all the parts. And today, after registering  and doing all the little bits, I was able to move the books I had down-loaded to my files yesterday and put them in the Adobe Reader Library. 

The result was that there never had been a back up disk but that all of the bits and pieces of Adobe had to be removed before I could down-load the whole.  And for whatever reason, I was not charged for the time spent or for the "incident" which would normally  have not been a small charge.  The tech did suggest I get the help desk "warranty" as soon as I could. I was familiar with it but had not been able to continue it some years ago when they raised the fees.

At least I did understand what she did and am trying to follow suit with the one other program I still have not been able to get working or re-down-load, the Windows Media Player. It is amazing how many different places the bits and pieces of a program can hide and how many other programs any one program may effect. I have been warned each step of the way that by removing this or that element I may be effecting the working of other programs but I need Windows Media Player as there are too many things which are not able to be shown on any other player. Why must every program depend upon every other program? It is a shame programs cannot be like library books: Independent, yet integrated. 

Anyway, I hope knowing what happened to me may be of help to those of you who have had or will have had the same or a similar problem.


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