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Hey linsky, can you do me a favor and put a line of dashes or maybe two dashes 
on one line so I can decipher between your quotation and your message ending? 
Chela Robles
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  Thanks Chela for letting us know about the site. I downloaded a biography 
called Edison His Life and Inventions. Just so you know, all chapters in this 
book were not read by the same person. I thought the reading quality was quite 
good; however, one of the readers sounded as if she used a telephone or a micro 
cassette recorder to record her chapter.

  I'm not criticizing or complaining--just wanted to mention what I observed. 



  "To deny the need for and the teaching of Braille is to limit choice. It 
inhibits one's freedom. You can never choose to use what you have not learned."
  --A Lynn I original quotation.


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  Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Free High Quality Audio Books at AudioOwl

  Free High Quality Audio Books at AudioOwl 

  AudioOwl offers an extensive collection of high quality public domain audio 
books. They are helpfully organized by genre, including children and teen/young 
adult. You can browse by genre, or search the entire site by author, title, or 
key words.  A selected book can be "previewed" before deciding to download it. 
In other words, you can listen to the reader. 

  AudioOwl offers two download options.  A book can be added to iTunes as a 
podcast.  Or, the book can be downloaded in a zipped folder that contains an 
MP3 file for each chapter, for use with any MP3 player.  It is worth noting 
that some of these files are quite large and require considerable download 

  I mentioned the high quality of the audio books from AudioOwl, and it really 
is excellent.  I previewed samples from a variety of genres, and in every 
instance the quality of both the reading and the recording was top notch.  This 
should come as no surprise because AudioOwl is making use of recordings from 
LibriVox, where each book is read by a volunteer.  

  Additional features of the site include audio books in multiple languages, 
links to other resources about the work, and a brief summary of each book. 
Readers/listeners are encouraged to review and rate the audio books on AudioOwl.

  Click this link to visit http://www.audioowl.com.

  Chela Robles
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