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My family isn't Eastern European, but that sounds like an interesting and
yummy tradition.  My aunt used to teach my siblings and her children German.
She had spent a year and a half in what used to be West Germany serving a
mission for our church.  The same aunt also tried to teach us to sing and
have an appreciation for classical music.  Well, she taught us to sing three
Christmas carols in German.  We would go caroling to an older German woman
we knew from church.  She would gather all her friends together to hear us
sing.  Ruth Baker was one of the sweetest women I ever knew.  My mother
would always tell us not to expect to  get anything from her, but Ruth never
failed to give each of us a bag of cookies, a candy cane, and and an
ornament.  We performed for her ever year from 1984 to 1997.  I missed our
last performance because I was sick and breaking off and engagement at the
same time.  Kelly C knows what I am talking about.  In 1998, Ruth was living
in a nursing home and too sick to have all of us perform.  I did go visit
her that year.  It was the last time I saw her.  She passed away six months
later, just before my wedding.  That caroling is one of the most special
memories I have of a Christmas tradition.  Ruth would complement us that our
German was so good, but I knew how much it sucked.  We added other carols in
English and Spanish, but we always sang the German ones.  To this day, I
cannot sing the first verse of Silent Night in English.  I know it, but the
German is so ingrained in me.  It bugs everyone else.  Thank you for letting
me share.  

Kasondra Payne

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