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Sure, you could get to the Bookshare Community room by going to 
www.accessibleworld.org.  I put the direct link in the message--when I remember 
to do it that is--as a convenience for those who might want to come.


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  Hi, Evan, I'd like to join the book club since one of the genres I enjoy 
reading is science fiction. Couldn't I get to the Bookshare community room via 
www.accessibleworld.org? Regards, Kim aka Ellinder.

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July 11, 2009

  The next meeting of the Science Fiction Club will be on Thursday, July 11, 
2009 in the Bookshare Community Room at:

  Time: 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, and 9 PM Eastern time.

  This month, we are reading The Unreasoning Mask by Philip José Farmer--a "far 
future space adventure", according to the dust jacket; available on tape from 
NLS under book number RC 65577, and also for digital download at:

  Also available from Bookshare at:

  Unfortunately, however, it is listed as only Fair.

  Here is the synopsis from the dust jacket:
  The Unreasoning Mask is the story of Ramstan, captain of al-Buraq, a rare 
model starship. It is capable of
  alaraf drive: instantaneous travel between two points of space. Three of 
these special
  ships were built to explore and make contact with the many sentient races 
  the universe. Suddenly, one of the ships mysteriously disappears. And then it 
  discovered that an unidentifiable "creature" is marauding through the 
universe, totally
  annihilating intelligent life on planet after planet. Ranstan, a thoughtful 
and moral
  man, becomes a fascinated yet reluctant pawn in the hands of the strange 
forces which
  arise to fight the deadly destroyer. Ultimately, he is the one man who, in a 
  race against time, can stop the destruction. But what price must he pay for 
  the savior of intelligent-kind? The Unreasoning Mask is Farmer at his 
  complex, slightly mystical, high-action adventure.

  Hope to see lots of people there!


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