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Hi, all, Laura Ann and Paulette compiled this list of Paulette's book 
collection.  This does not include her little house titles and some other ones, 
and please excuse the spellings as Paulette spoke fast and Laura Ann did her 
best, but Paulette talked fast and the list is long but worth it.  If any of 
you are interested in validating anything particularly for Paulette to submit 
first or especially for you, feel free to contact her at paulette7@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
 If I am violating anything by doing this on this list, somebody let me know 
and I will not do this again.  I don't want to get into trouble, I just want 
these books in the collection as I feel they will fulfill a big need and void 
and make a lot of readers happy.  Here is the list, and I am also aware that 
some of her titles are already on bookshare but we've not researched all of 
them.  Thanks in advance.  
         The Importants of forgiveness by John Arnott
Mystery of Magesty by Dennis Jernigan
Why not waste time with God by Mike Evans
Battlefield for the mind by Joyce Myer
Oklahoma Rescue by Hansen
Worship as Jesus taught it Judson Cornwall
Whatever happened to worship Toshier
Passion for his presence Boshchmen
Worship as David Lived it Judson cornwall
Secret the most holy place
Why Because your anointed
Water in the Wilderness Jjeaes
Straight talk on Fear by J myers
Praise and Worship by Rod Parsly
Audience of one Sinnott James and connie
Elements of worship Judson Cornwall
Heart of worship Boschmen
Prayer that brings Revival Choa
Golden  Glory Heflin
POpen my eyes by Gary Oates
Worship Warrior by Chuck Pierce
come away my beloved by frances Jl. Robert
Glory By Ruth Heflin
Throne room company by Sean Bald
Show me your Glory by Bill Hart
Kissing the face of God by Sam Hinn
The God Catchers by Tommy Tinney
Journey into the Maraculous
God's favorite house by Tommy Tinney
Piercing the Darkness and this present Darkness by Frank Peretti
If not for the Grace of God Joyce Myer
Enjoying Where you are on the way to where your going by J Myers
Being the person God made you to be Joyce Myer
Life without strife Joyce Myer
Forever ruined for the ordinary Dawson Joy
Postcards from Heaven Claire Cloninger
Master Potter by Jill Austin
Master Potter and the Mountain of fire by Jill Austin
The Lost art of innercession Jim Goll
Future worship by Lamar Boschman
The Final Quest by Rick Joyner
God meant it for Good by R. T. Kindell
His Manefest presence by Don Nori
 From the father's heart by Charles Sleagle
The call by Rick Joyner
The secret of the stairs by Wade Taylor
The battle belongs to the Lord by Joyce Myer
Oozer on entertainment and worship
A lifestyle of worship by David Morris
The hidden power of speaking in tongues Meach Chava
Visions beyond the veil by baker
There is always enough Heidi Baker
Worship his magesty by Jack Hayfford
Animal Miracles by Brad Steiger
Threshhold of Glory by Bonnie
Knowing God intimately by Joyce myer
How to succeed at being yourself by Joyce Myer
The pursuit of God by A W tozer
River Glory by Heflin
God Chasers by Tommy Tinney
Let us worship by Cornwall
In pursuit of Purpose by Miles Monroe
The unsurrendered soul by Liberty Savard
The anointing by R. T. KKindall
Cross-Pollination by Lila Terhune
Soul Power ties and soulish prayers by Liberty Savard
Help me I'm worried by Joyce Myers
Help me I'm stressed by J myer
Breaking the power of unmet needs unhealed hurts unresolved issues in 
your life by Liberty Resolard
Shattering your strong holds by Liberty Savard
Victory in the wilderness by John Bevere
Just as I am by David Ring
Understanding your potential by Miles Monroe
Rut rot or revival by Tozer
The power of brokenness by Don Nori
Matters of the Heart by Wanita
The land of empty houses
Seasons of change by Miles Monroe
The Elisha principal by Don Basham
Nuggets of life by Dave myer
Passion for the glory by Mark chironna
Revival Glory by Ruth Ward Heflin
Spiritual burnout by Malcom smith
Be angry but don't blow it by Lisa Bevere
I was always on my mind by Steve Sampson
Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle
Those who expect nothing are never disappointed by Steve Sampson
Love is a choice by Minirth and Meier
Spiritual timing by Roberts Lairdon
Dog Miracles by Brag Steiger
Dog salms by Herbert Brokering
Four paws from heaven Various
What my dog has taught me about life by Gary Stanley
Experiencing Father's embrace by Jack
Sppiritualslavery to spiritual sonship
The dynamics of worship by James Gills
God's eye view by Tommy Tinney
As Silver refined by Kay Arthur
So that others may live by Carline Herburt
Julie by Cathrine Marshal
Christy by Cathrine Marshal
The Christy series by
Dog stories by James Herriot
Life in the word by Joyce Myer
Maximizing your potential by Miles Monroe
Chicken soup for the Teacher's Soul by Jack canfield
Chicken soup for the cat and dog lover soul
Chick soup for the pet lover's soul
The prophetic song by Lamar Bachman
Extravigant worship by Darlene S
The unquenchable worshiper by Matt Redman
The heart of worship by Matt Redman

Please feel free to add these all to the wish list.  I've done my best to clean 
up typos so they could be easily searched for.  Thanks very much in advance 
from both Paulette and myself.  Have a blessed day.  

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