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Hi Tim,
Are you saying that you have all of the text that is supposed to be on a
page, a blank line, and then the page break?  If so, this is fine.  Or is
there some other problem that I don't understand.  Because this sounds fine
to me.  Aren't you getting the page to hold all of the text that it's
supposed to hold?  Also, if you have soft page breaks as well as hard page
breaks, you don't need to worry about the soft page breaks.  Those will
disappear by the time the book enters the Bookshare collection.
Am I just confusing you more?  Sorry if I am.  Keep asking if you're still
confused, or if I haven't understood properly.


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Hi all,

Somehow, I 'accidentally' put in page breaks which I know I'm suppose to
Now, even though my setting is 22" for the page length, the page break comes
one blank line after the text. Is this okay or does something need to be

Tim (severely frustrated)

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